Your Guide to Fresh and Tasty Bread

  • Freeze for Freshness: Best for longevity. Slice before freezing for easy portions.
  • Purchased Frozen? Remove from the packaging and let thaw for two hours. Slice and return to the bag and re-freeze.
  • Room Temp: 4-5 days after bake date or after thaw.
  • Moisture Alert: An open bag can keep condensation from forming. Store with cut end of bread towards sealed end of bag.
  • Refrigerate: Up to 4 weeks. Make certain it stays dry.
  • Toast to Taste: Reheating makes our bread taste freshly baked. Best when toasted or grilled.
  • For Buns: Remove baking cup, slice and use toaster’s bagel setting. Or, in baking cup, oven-reheat at 325° F for 8-10 mins, safe to 390° F and microwavable.

Cooking and baking with our breads: 

  • When using our bread in a recipe, knowing how our bread responds is IMPORTANT. If your recipe calls for “soaking overnight” eliminate that step. Soaking overnight will breakdown the structure of gluten free bread. we’re talking mush here.
  • If you’re making stuffing or bread pudding, for example, cut your bread into one inch cubes, place your bread cubes on a sheet pan and toast at 350 degrees until the bread is completely and thoroughly toasted (we’re talking hard-as-a-rock).
  • Our sourdough makes amazing French Toast! Do not soak the bread. Dip the bread, in your egg mixture, on both sides and place directly on the preheated pan or griddle.