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West Sac Bread Co is a dedicated gluten-free and corn-free online bakery – making small-batch breads for pick-up and delivery.

About Us

When we discovered my four grandchildren had moderate to severe food sensitivities to gluten, corn and dairy – I embarked on a journey to bake homemade treats that taste good for even the pickiest consumer. And now I’d like to share our tasty gluten free baked items with you !

As a licensed Cottage Food Operation, we bake in a certified kitchen – dedicated gluten-free and corn-free. We use organic ingredients when available – and always non-GMO.

How It Works

We bake in a dedicated facility – free of gluten, corn, corn by-products, and peanuts. We post our menu by Sunday for order by Wednesday and delivery by Saturday. Shop now

Tips for enjoying gluten-free treats:

Gluten free products take a little more care than regular gluten products, but prepared properly our gluten free products are amazing.

  1. Always best toasted or grilled.
  2. Keep your bread in an air tight sealed container.
  3. Never refrigerate! Freeze if uneaten after a week.
  4. Slice before freezing.
  5. Like “fresh baked” after 20 seconds in microwave.
  6. Tell all your friends about us!